Caring For Curly Hair – Top 5 Tips For Keeping Curly Hair Healthy

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Curly hair is more fragile than straight hair and requires special attention when it comes to taking care of it. It can be more dry than straight hair and shampoo without alcohol should be used. There are other ways to control the frizz that many people that have curly hair complain about.

Some Helpful Tips For Your Ethnic Hair Care :

Tip 1:

Buy an Aloe Vera plant and peel the skin off the plant and stick all the insides into a blender. When finished blending, pour contents into a shampoo bottle and fill half way with aloe and half with shampoo. Use this Aloe Vera shampoo solution to wash mane. Don’t wash mane daily. Daily washing can strip away the natural oils in the hair and scalp.

Tip 2:

Never use metal clips on your tresses. When putting up your mane, use plastic hair clips and hair ties. This will prevent breakage from the different hair adornments.

Tip 3:

Reduce the usage of extreme heat. Don’t excessively use hot water when washing mane or blow dryers and flat irons when finished drying. These tactics will decrease the health of the hair and damage the it from extreme elements exposure. It might be worth looking into purchasing a diffuser.

Multicultural natural hair care

Tip 4:

Wear a cap or scarf on mane in the event of extreme heat or cold as this effects the hair negatively by damaging it. There needs to be a certain amount of patience when stimulating mane growth. Hair growth grows typically at a slow rate nationally as well. The scalp is important and should be massaged several times a week.

Whether the different tactics are silly or serious, your manes growth is very important to most people. With curly hair just remember to massage scalp, avoid metal clips, and use Aloe Vera with biotin.

Tip 5:

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