Chin Augmentation Enhance Your Facial Features [Depth Review]

Chin augmentation is an ideal option if you wish to enhance your facial appearance.

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What is Chin Augmentation ?

Chin Implant Surgery : By placing chin implants or by using surgical manipulation to the jaw bone, a chin augmentation reshapes the chin.

This technique is also called mentoplasty.

It can restore the balance of your face. A weak chin can make the appearance of normal nose as large.

It may also give the neck a ‘ fleshy ‘ look.

The end result of the chin augmentation would give the face a balanced structure.

To acquire the best facial balance, some patients prefer to have this surgery along with rhinoplasty.

Chin augmentation surgery is the best solution for both women and men, who are unhappy with the shape and size of the chin. By placing artificial implants, small chin can be improved.

Make a More Attractive Profile with Chin Implants

You can tone up your receding or weak chin with this procedure by modifying its projection.

This augmentation surgery can be done by transplanting the patient’s own bone or fat, or by adding an artificial implant.

There is a range of modern, solid, and semi-solid implant materials available for reshaping the chin.

The implant is inserted by a small incision which is made under the chin. Chin implants are available in many sizes and shapes.

Such implants can be personalized to match the patient’s specific goals to achieve the best outcomes from the surgery.

Chin Augmentation for Men & Women

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Chin augmentation surgery is the perfect solution for men and women alike, who are depressed unhappy with their chin’s size and shape.

A small chin is generally referred to as a weak chin- and that says it all.

Studies have shown that a small or weak chin can convey the impression of a low character.

A strong chin is often associated with confidence, power and leadership, especially in a man.

It’s no surprise that with a strong chin, many of Hollywood’s most sought-after leading men often have a “square” or solid jawed look.

Interestingly it is not only in men that a bad chin is considered to be less aesthetically appealing.

Most women choose to undergo chin augmentation surgery because they want the same improvement in appearance towards a more positive view and a more balanced appearance of the face.

Cosmetic improvement of a small chin can be done by placing an artificial implant under the skin.

Implants made of medical grade silicone or goretex are mainly used.

This augmentation method promises incredible results, a more pleasing and well balanced facial look, thus helping you feel better about yourself.

Chin augmentation is also done by way of cutting the lower jawbone and sliding it forward.

This is a technique that uses the body’s own tissues for achieving the desired change.

Types of Chin Implants

There are a variety of shapes and sizes of Chin implants / Augmentation available.

Some may help make a chin wider while others can result to a more pointy chin.

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Silicone Chin Implants

This provides extra tightening of the skin under the chin using this type of implantation.

A small incision is made inside the mouth or under the chin and an implant made of synthetic material is then placed directly above the chin and under the muscles.

When the implant is placed entirely in the pocket, the incision is closed with the support of sutures. In this procedure the scar possibility is under the chin that is hardly visible on the patient’s face.

Such devices are made of silicone rubber with a smooth firm. The tissues around it do not grow into the device but form a “capsule” around the device.

Silicon products are safe, because they have very unusual chemical reactions. You’ll need to choose shape, size and firmness whenever you want an implant.

Many specialist surgeons would prefer to use chin implants with silicone as they can easily be adjusted to produce the best shape.

However, should the in-patient decide to have the surgery reversed in the foreseeable future, it is easily removable silicone implants.

They are very easy to remove, as they don’t adhere to the bone.

The chin implant incision is hidden in a crease beneath the chin. The scar is low with limited exposure and is well hidden.

Your plastic surgeon can show you the sample pictures of faces after inserting the implants.

Semi Solid Plastic Implants

Semi-solid plastic implants made of extended Polytetrafluoroethylene or polyethylene are more pliable than silicone, and there are also very less reactions.

Depending on your age, the look you like, the thickness of the skin and whether you are female or male, the insertion of the implants may also be suitable.

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Polyethylene Chin Implants

Polyethylene Chin Implants are stronger, more resilient and thicker than Chin Silicone Implants.

They bind to the surrounding tissue and help to keep it in place.

Such implants are not flexible and often are made in two pieces that are once locked together.

Two parts make a smaller incision for insertion, but polyethylene chin implants generally require greater incisions than silicone chin implants.

Since they incorporate into the surrounding soft tissues, they are also harder to remove.

Implants of polyethylene chin are tougher but still flexible, and have pores. Blood is supplied to the tissue that grows into the pores which also prevents infection.

The downside of this is that once placed they’re very difficult to remove.

Gore-Tex Chin Augmentation

Since 1994 Gore-Tex is used as a facial implant.

It has been used for the cheeks and chin as more traditional formed implants, as well as flexible tubes for use as a soft tissue filler right under the skin.

Gore-Tex Chin Augmentation

Gore-Tex is really polytetrafluoroethylene, fluorocarbon has a carbon ethylene backbone to which four fluorine molecules (PTFE) are connected.

The bonding of highly reactive fluorine to carbon produces an extremely stable biomaterial which the body can not break down due to the lack of any known human enzyme to dissolve the bonds between fluorine and carbon.

Gore-Tex’s fabrication results in small, interconnected pores on its surface and throughout the material that may allow some growing tissue.

The tissue ingrowth benefit is actually more abstract than anything of practical significance.

The material is extremely flexible, and can be cut and formed easily.

The Gore-Tex has pores that allow tissue to grow into them for a stronger hold.

Medpor Chin Implants

Less commonly used but well known are chin implants made of high-density polyethylene, also known as Medpor.

This material is far firmer and more inflexible but has an irregular and semi-porous surface.

Medpor Chin Implants

Unlike silicone, this material makes it harder for the chin augmentation to insert (requiring a bigger incision) … and remove if necessary … but it has frictional resistance to the bone so it doesn’t slip around as easily once it’s placed.

This material is much tougher and can only be fully formed with a driven rotary instrument.

A resulting scar is still shaped from a biological perspective, but it sticks closer to the implant as the scar has grown into the pores of the chin implant’s surface.

An argument can be made that this ingrowth of tissue into the implant is more biologic and better to resist infection.

But the frequency of chin implant infections is so limited that it’s impossible to determine any real differences between the two types.

Chin Augmentation Using Silastic Implants

Chin augmentation with a silicone rubber (silastic) implant. This placement of implants is very simple and uncomplicated.

The implant can be inserted onto the bone and screwed in place by a small incision under the chin.

This direct approach makes it easy to place a chin implant of any size or shape, of which there are numerous styles and thicknesses from which to choose.

This type of device is termed “silastic”.

It is stable and firm and feels quite natural as it blends with the bone behind it.

Some people question whether this is safe, as they’ve heard some horror stories about the substance of silicone.

But make no mistake, this is not silicone gel that caused the uproar in the past regarding breast implants.

This is a solid, unmoving device that has a history of being exceedingly safe.

Even the silicone gel that received much bad press was never actually been linked to any disease.

Non Surgical Augmentation

In fact, some patients do not typically need surgery to improve.

The professional injectable filler may use things like Perlane, Restylane, or Restylane and Collagen Stimulator such as Radiesse and Sculptra to make it look larger or even better if it is recessed.

Such injectables can also help lower lines and wrinkles around the upper side of the neck and jaw.

Additionally a cosmetic facial surgeon will insert fillers in your ears, cheeks, or nose to produce a much more balanced look.

Non Surgical Augmentation men women

Chin Augmentation With Filler

Chin augmentation with filler is a perfect option for people who are either considering a chin implant or want a more natural chin but don’t want the downtime associated with surgical chin surgery.

In the age of selfies and Instagram, Snapchat many people are now noticing that their jawline is not as described as they would like it to be, and are considering chin augmentation to boost their appearance.

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, chin augmentation with filler or an implant is one of the fastest growing procedures.

In females, it is more desirable to have a well balanced and more rounded chin which complements a heart-shaped face.

Natalie Portman and Courtney Cox both have chins which are known as ideals of beauty.

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Chin – Filler Will Shape your Chin and Improve its Contours

Everything changes on the body as we grow older and chin is no exception.

You may have always been very pleased with your face shape, but as you’ve grown older you can note that your chin has decreased in size and your jaw line has changed shape.

However, dermal filler can easily be injected into the chin, making it seem more prominent or increase the definition.

Most women want a a more softer contoured chin, while men would prefer a more masculine chiselled chin.

Chin Augmentation Filler Benefits:

  • Give a more prominent jaw line to enhance appearance
  • Gently reshape a weak chin
  • Achieve a naturally looking result

In a non-surgical treatment, re-shaping the chin using the dermal filler will add shape, balance and symmetry to the chin using long-lasting dermal fillers.

Placing the fillers can give a more natural fuller chin to the tiny and under developed chins, restoring natural balance to the face.

Chin Augmentation Filler

Chin Implant Style – Which One is Best For You?

Today’s chin implant designs are quite different from those simpler designs from the past.

Square Chin Implant

A Anatomical chin implants attach side ‘ wings ‘ from a central button that better fit around the chin.

It prevents a noticeable and apparent step-off from the implant to the bone and avoids an excessive elongation of the chin that does not suit the jawline.

The shape and size of your chin greatly influence your profile. Indeed

There are numerous variations of this concept of anatomical design that change the thickness of the implant in various places to help create and improve the chin’s external appearance.

These include such styles as a square design for men (who want a more square chin) to Pre-jowl styles to help smooth out marionette line indentation for women.

Create a smoother jawline as the chin blends into the more posterior jawline.

There are even implants in the middle which have a preformed notch (or can be cut into it) to help create a central chin dimple if one wishes to.

Chin Extension: Surgery

Chin Extension surgeryOne can modify the structure of their chin or cheeks to make them appear more fascinating.

Loads of people have nearly no chin which are recessed.

To increase these portions one can prefer implants.

Small filled bags are introduced inside these portions to give them a fuller and shapely look.

These bags are surgically introduced.

One cannot figure out the discrepancy involving a regular chin and one which has undergone this surgery.

These surgeries are also known as chin extension.

You do not have to be concerned about the marks as they are inside the mouth, where they will never be discernible.

After chin augmentation, you will be suggested to take liquid food for a week and you will be back to the work within a week.

Chin Augmentation Recovery

Solid foods are a not recommend after the operation.

Chewing is going to be difficult initially.

If your treatment included incisions inside your mouth, avoid raw foods that would put you at risk for potential infections with bacteria.

You’ll need to clean your mouth several times a day with oral antiseptics at the same time.

A follow up is necessary, for which you have to see your doctor again. Any stitches will be removed in 5 days to a week.

Daily baths are allowed but not physically strenuous activities in three weeks right after the procedure.

Chin implant surgery normally requires an overnight hospital stay, although recently there are types of chin augmentation which don’t require any recovery time, such as enhancement using facial filler injections.

Chin Augmentation Recovery

Chin augmentation is one of cosmetic surgery’s simplest procedures and recovery is prompt, with minimal bruising and moderate swelling.

Patients can return to their normal activities a short time after surgery.

After the operation swelling and bruising are common, as is a general soreness in your chin area.

It’s not unusual to get a prescription for light painkillers to help you through the recovery, but this is by choice of the doctor and patient and is not always necessary.

After your chin augmentation, expect to return to work & your regular activities in about 6 days.

Just like any other surgery like this, you should consider that you won’t be able to drive

or operate “heavy machinery” immediately afterward

so if you plan to go home after you should have somebody there to drive you home.

It is a good idea to ask a friend or family member to help you through the next few days as well,

just to have somebody around in case you need them.

Chin Augmentation cost

How Much Does Chin Augmentation Cost

The procedure can cost anywhere between $1500-$5000.

As most plastic surgery procedures, such augmentations are considered cosmetic and are usually not covered by insurance.

Patients will need to pay for the procedure out of pocket and each procedure ranges from $1500 – $5000.

According to the American Society for Esthetic Plastic Surgery the average cost of chin implant surgery is $2,500.

That calculation does not, include the expense of anesthesia, medicine, operating room and other surgical-related costs.

Usually the price ranges for chin augmentation surgery as a complete operation vary between $3,000 and $5,000, with all costs included.

It is necessary to get a pre-surgery estimate of the total cost before making a final decision when consulting a cosmetic surgeon about chin enhancement surgery and its alternatives.

Please Note: Costs may vary on the location of the surgery, amount of fats to be removed and which technique to be used.

As most plastic surgery procedures, such augmentations are considered cosmetic and are usually not covered by insurance.

Patients will need to pay for the procedure out of pocket and each procedure ranges from $1500 – $5000.

Chin Implant Removal

The bottom line is that a chin implant can be easily removed by the surgeon who put it in.

However, If you have another surgeon remove it, though, he / she will need to know the type that was placed in, where the incision was, and whether the repair was completed.

The best way to prepare for this is to contact the doctor’s office that puts the device in and requests the surgical records.


You can present these documents to your new surgeon so that he/she has all of the important information. Thus armed your removal should go smoothly.

Chin Implant Removal

And that is all it takes to have chin augmentation surgery done..

It amazes me to think about the fact that an operation like this, that can change your whole look, takes naught but an hour in some doctor’s office.

Risk Factors:

There are certain risks involved with the chin augmentation process.

The side effects of this procedure are a significant rate of bruising, bleeding, numbness around the chin region, and facial nerve damage.

So, care should be taken whilst choosing the plastic surgeon, and also check the surgeon’s experience in dealing with such cases.

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