Enhance Your Look With These Top 10 Pearl Jewelry Trends

top 10 pearl jewelry

Open any woman’s jewelry box and there you will discover at least one piece of fine pearl jewelry, and if not, then you know what to get her for your next gift-giving occasion. Why? Because the pearl has a long history as one of the most showcased gemstones used in fine jewelry, rivaling the diamond in popularity, and placing gifts of fine pearl jewelry at the top of fashionista wish lists world-wide.

The refined beauty of pearls makes its seamless transition from classic to modern designs, without losing any of its allure. This enables us to enjoy the sensuality of pearls in a wide array of jewelry styles, while creating timeless collections of fine Perlen Schmuck to pass down throughout our generations.

From ears to fingers, pearl jewelry adorns its wearer with an elegance that’s unparalleled.

The list below features the top 10 pearl jewelry trends, illustrating the many ways in which pearls may be worn to accentuate a woman’s beauty.

Pearl Stud Earrings –

these are simply the solitaire version of pearl earrings
Pearl Stud Earrings

Pearl Drop Earrings –

this type of pearl earring descends slightly from the ear, and may be accented by diamonds or other colored gemstones.

Pearl Drop Earrings

Pearl Dangle Earrings –

the most dramatic of pearl earring styles, these feature single or multiple pearls finishing lengths of precious metal chains, gemstone embellished hoops, or other settings that swing freely from the earlobe.


Pearl Strand Necklaces –

also know as classic pearl necklaces, strand necklaces can come in single or multiple rows of pearls that finish with a clasp.

Pearl Strand Necklaces

Pearl Rope Necklaces –

these continuous lengths of pearls have no clasp, and are meant to be slipped over the head and worn as a single dramatic strand that dips below the waist, doubled up, or wrapped in a necktie-inspired knot.

Pearl Rope Necklaces

Pearl Lariat Necklaces –

these types of pearl necklaces consist of one or more pearls that finish a long chain at both ends, and can be looped and worn around the neck to form layered strands or pendulous dangles of varying lengths.

Pearl Lariat Necklaces

Pearl Pendant Necklaces –

just as name suggests, these pearl necklaces feature pearls in independent pieces of artistry, which hang from a variety of precious metal chains and neckwires, or silk, leather, or alternative types of cords.

Pearl Pendant Necklaces

Pearl Strand Bracelets –

similar to the classic necklace style, pearl strand bracelets consist of single or multiple rows of pearls that meet at a common clasp, with some featuring “stretch” settings creating slip-on styles without clasps.

Pearl Strand Bracelets

Pearl Cuff Bracelets

these pearl bracelets bring to mind the cuff of a finely-tailored shirt and are worn, most often, with short sleeved or sleeveless fashions.

Pearl Cuff Bracelets

Pearl Fashion Rings –

from single pearls in stand-alone settings to multiple pearls accented with diamonds and colored gemstones, pearl rings are always a welcomed accessory at red-carpet premieres and special family occasions everywhere.

Pearl Fashion Rings

One trend that doesn’t appear on this list, but deserves an honorable mention is Journey pearl jewelry.

Like its diamond counterpart, pearls in progressing sizes “travel” on a symbolic journey in precious metal settings of pendants and earrings.

But no matter which pieces you choose, you can rest assured that today’s fine pearl jewelry styles will be the classics of tomorrow.

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