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It is very important for you to follow all the instructions given to you by your plastic surgeon before and after your rhinoplasty procedure to minimize the risks.

The best known and common risks of rhinoplasty surgery is clotting, bruising, swelling and infection.

But that is not all.

During a rhinoplasty surgery;

  • If too much of the underlying structure of the nose (cartilage and/or bone) is removed, this can cause the overlying nasal skin to have little shape that can result in a deformity called “polly beak” deformity.
  • If the septum is not correctly supported, the bridge of the nose can then sink resulting in a “saddle nose” deformity.
  • If the cartilages of the tip of the nose are over resected during rhinoplasty, this can cause a pinched look.
  • If the tip of the nose is lifted too much, the nostrils can become too visible and create a pig-like look.
  • If an incision in an open rhinoplasty is made across the collumella, there can be variable degree of numbness to the nose that may take up to several months to resolve.

“Looking beautiful is Not luck, It’s a decision”

After Nose Job;

After rhinoplasty, adhesions can also form in the nose. Adhesions are scar tissues that form to bridge across the nasal cavity from the septum to the turbinates.

These are rare but cause obstruction in the nose and need to be cut away for proper breathing.

At the time of surgery, a hole can also be made in the septum which is called a “septal perforation”.

This hole can cause breathing difficulties, chronic nose bleeding and crusting.

Nose Reconstruction (Outcome)

Additionally, you can’t always estimate the aesthetic outcome of rhinoplasty.

After the surgery, nasal bones may dislodge, and cartilage and soft tissue shape may change over time.

It is extremely important that the patient does not suffer any type of trauma at all on the nose after rhinoplasty surgery,

since any applied pressure may affect the final outcome of rhinoplasty.

You Deserve to look and feel your best Rhinoplasty (nose job)

In some rare cases, results may not develop as the patient had hoped and asymmetry is possible.

In this case, a secondary (revision) rhinoplasty procedure may be needed to refine the results achieved with the original rhinoplasty surgery.

Rhinoplasty is meant to boost your confidence, and with the proper care, it will not interfere with your quality of life and should show results shortly.

To ensure that you will have a satisfactory outcome from your rhinoplasty, do your best to find an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

Like any other cosmetic surgery; a rhinoplasty is not to be taken lightly, so research is necessary in order to find the best rhinoplasty surgeon for you.

Rhinoplasty Procedures

Rhinoplasty Facts for menRhinoplasty is definitely one of the procedures you’ll want to consider if you seek an effective method to significantly improve your appearance safely.

Everyday, more people get rhinoplasty to feel better about their appearance.

Rhinoplasty surgeries require you to make an educated decision.

If you are planning to get rhinoplasty, you must find answers to questions you have in mind,

such as: “What should I expect from rhinoplasty?

Am I a good rhinoplasty candidate?

Is rhinoplasty right for me?

Where can I find a rhinoplasty surgeon?

What is the recovery time after rhinoplasty?”

“Redefine the shape of your nose with Rhinoplasty”

As well as having a rhinoplasty consultation, finding an experienced cosmetic surgeon is also a key,

The more you learn about rhinoplasty procedure, the more chances of success you will have.

We encourage you to make an informed and educated decision about your plastic surgery procedure,

so please read more about your surgery,

see many before and after photographs and watch your procedure in 3D animation (if required).

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