Top Men’s Beard Styles of 2019

Top 22 Beard and Hair style 2019


Hello Guys!

Men’s beard styles were trendy in 2019, meaning guys are looking for the best beard designs and shapes for their short and long facial hair.

But given the many different types of beards and the different ways of styling and shaping a beard, choosing the right beard cuts and looking for your face shape can be the real challenge.

Luckily there were never so many nice beards to try for you! There are unlimited short and long beard styles to get from stubble to thick, full beards this year.

Check out the best beards below if you are looking to experiment with new beard grooming styles and need some cool beard ideas that you will love!

And if you just figure out how to grow a beard, you’ll definitely feel inspired by these sexy beards of the man.


22. High Taper Fade + Spiky Hair + Long Beard


High Taper Fade + Spiky Hair + Long Beard


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