why choose liposuction

Liposuction is the utmost common cosmetic surgery procedure in the U.S.A. More than 300,000 procedures are carried out in the United States every year with costs ranging from approximately $2,000-4,500.

Liposuction is reliable way for removing spare fat in plastic surgery. It’s particularly effective in smaller areas of resistant fat that are difficult to lose by diet and exercise.

By removing these areas through liposuction, we can significantly improve body contours. Particularly where the skin tone is very good.

The skin will shrinks nicely and take out the new shape to produce a much more streamlined contour. The surgery is relatively straightforward and is performed through small incisions.

Recovery is Usually Fairly Swift

The patient wears a garment for six weeks after the surgery to allow the swelling to go down effectively and the skin to shrinks nicely.

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Detailed Past History:

Next we are going to talking about what to expect during consultation…

Firstly it’s important to gather all your medical history any medications you’re on any past operations you’ve had any problems with operations you’ve had in the past especially with anesthetic so that your doctor will be informed of your past history

it’s very important to tell your doctor if you have any medical problems such as bleeding disorders or any allergies to medications or anything really that you think might be relevant to your operation

during your first consultation your doctor is going to take a detailed medical history from you and from there determine your fitness for the procedure the next part of your consultation is examination and this is naturally a bit uncomfortable for people.


Liposuction Procedure

It’s important to note that sometimes treating one area alone may have an impact on another area for example treating the hips alone may make the outer thighs look bigger or treating the inner thighs alone may put the inner knee out of proportion so it’s sometimes important that you have someone who’s experienced in the area actually look over you and say this other area needs to be done in conjunction with the area concerned about.

Liposuction is the method which is used to get body in shape and get rid of extra undesirable body fat.

In order to give you the best result the doctor will also give you an idea of what to expect in terms of results from your lap suction there are some limitations of course to every procedure and with liposuction.

The main concerns that we think about the skin and how it may look after the procedure for those who have had large amounts of weight gain or have had say large pregnancies you may have some concerns with taking out too much fat

because the skin may become wax or wrinkled so there are limitations in that sense the majority of people will experience excellent skin retraction the actual procedure itself sets up a bit of fibrosis under the skin and makes the skin stick to the underlying tissue

so you actually get quite a good skin retraction in worst cases it’s only compromised when the skin is lacks prior to the procedure other limitations to liposuction include the amount of fat you can remove.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that can help remove small pockets of fat.

The whole body can be done in one go in some cases, it need to perform two or more liposuction procedures to ensure that we don’t remove too much fat in one session

and compromise the safety of the patient other things they do in the preparation for your liposuction include blood tests and electrocardiogram to check on your heart.

Targeted Areas for Liposuction Surgery:

Liposuction procedure works best for persons with good skin tone and elasticity, where the skin patterns itself into new contours.

Liposuction Treatment are usually targeted for the following body areas:

  • abdomen
  • back and buttocks
  • chest
  • inner knees
  • hips
  • neckline and chin area
  • thighs
  • upper arms

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