Why You Should Try Sugaring

what is sugaring wax

Sugaring is a form of hair removal that is slowly taking over the beauty industry.

As more and more people turn towards all-natural products, wax is losing its appeal. Wax is non- biodegradable and is created with a variety of chemicals. As more and more people become aware of what they are putting on and into their bodies, sugaring is becoming more and more appealing.

Sugaring Paste

This is because sugaring is done with an all-natural body sugaring paste. This paste is simply made with lemon juice, sugar, and water. That is all it consists of. In fact, sugaring paste is so safe, that if you chose to, you could eat it!

Another reason that sugaring is loved so much is that it produces almost zero waste. A single sugaring appointment typically will only produce waste consisting of a single pair of gloves. No sticks are needed, no strips are needed, and the sugaring paste itself will dissolve when it comes in contact with water.

As an added bonus, the high water content in sugar doesn’t allow it to stick to the skin.

sugar vs wax


Therefore, sugaring removes the hair but is extremely gentle on the skin. You will leave your sugaring appointments with smooth, soft, while also gently exfoliated skin.

Sugar is also applied at or only slightly above room temperature. It is not entirely uncommon for people to get burned when getting waxing done.

Anyone that has been burned when being waxed will find the low temperatures of sugaring as a great benefit. In fact, if the sugar ever became hot enough to burn you, it would turn into a liquid and would be completely impossible to use.

While waxing can typically be found on every corner, sugaring is still a little more difficult to find.

That is changing, however, as more and more people are turning to sugar as an all-natural form of hair removal.

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